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Centrally located along the beautiful Gulf Coast, we're only a matter of minutes from Biloxi-Gulfport to the west... property_daytime.jpg (12418 bytes)

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and Pensacola-Destin, Florida to the east.

One of our specialties is reporting "on location" throughout the Southeast, typically without charging for travel expense.

While transcripts are available on an expedited or even daily basis, five-day turn-around is typical.  

Some of the formats available by hard copy, diskette and/or e-mail include:

  • e-Transcript by Reallegal TM
  • Amicus; Amicus ZX
  • ASCII Text Files
  • Summation TM
  • AudioDepo TM
  • As well as a wide variety of condensed and full-size printing options.
Camp & Associates will continue to seek out the latest technology to meet the ever-increasing demands of the legal profession. This site was developed to better serve our clients' needs by providing pertinent and up-to-date information.                            Gavel photo.gif (12244 bytes) 


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