Camp & Associates


About Us:

    Established in 1978, we have over 30 years experience in providing  state-of-the-art reporting services to the legal community in and around the Mobile-South Alabama area, as well as most of the Southeastern U.S. 

    We pride ourselves on attention to details and turning out a solid product that you can expect, and we guarantee, to be right.  Call on us to provide all of your court reporting needs,  whether they involve hearings, conventions, depositions involving expert, medical or other technical material.



We Believe:

    We believe that in order for justice to prevail under our system, court reporters must be neutral and impartial to all sides involved in the legal process.

    We believe that reporters cannot retain total impartiality while having contractual ties and obligations to any of the parties involved.

    We believe in the free and open marketplace for reporting services, knowing that this not only serves the interest of justice, but also results in competitive pricing and improved overall quality of  services provided by our profession.  Therefore, for these reasons, we support anti-contract legislation.

    We believe in fair play, and in treating others in the way in which we would want to be treated.  That is why we will never actively try and solicit away business from referrals that other reporting agencies send to us. 

    You can count on it!   


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